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Brand Story

The flavor of good wine was given by the soil and the weather. Besides, most importantly, it has to be processed by the winemaker to produce rich taste and flavor. Likewise, the beauty of women is neither in the clothes she wears nor the figure that she carries. The true beauty of women would grow as time passes by. Accordingly, the spirit of anti-aged and the way of doing facial are vital. The multiple flavors of wine is just like the vary types of women. The beauty of women is like the claret color with sexy and agile as well as the fresh and warm tenderness brought by the violet. Shaobo has witted the vary appearances of women and eager to be the caretaker of beauty and taking good care of women.

Company Spirit

Our Spirit

Shaobo Enterprise Co., Ltd insists the core value of “caring people and respecting customers". Following the principles of being professional, we commit to offer excellent service and respect our customers. We encourage the employees to utilize their intelligence and potential sufficiently and study advanced continuously for making excellent progress.

Shaobo's belief is “Caring the Nature and dedicate to improve the living quality in the country based upon caring people”. The most essential thing is not only to protect the health of people but also guarantee the quality and safety in our merchandise.

The beauty care produced by Shaobo Enterprise Co., Ltd are all needed to match with requirements mentioned above, the quality are produced beyond the requirement of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the manufacturing. The commitment of the quality and safety of the products is the core common sense shared by all employees in the Shaobo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Each type of Shaobo's product is first used by us and recommended to our families sincerely. What we're doing shows great confidence and trust on our own products. We deeply hope you can feel the same while using any of our products.


Hospitality (enthusiasm, caring, patience and rapport) is greater.
Satisfaction (services, technology, products) is better.
Wishes (services, technology, products) is faster.


Customer service meets 100% satisfaction.

Main Services

Research new products, commissioned research and develop products with vegetal beauty and health-care, merchandise business.
(OEM/ODM service is included)


OEM/ODM Factory

Any merchandise you can get at hand, the label of “Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan” is being replaced with “Made in China” and this situation is getting worse definitely. Once Taiwan won the role of World's Factory for the cheap labour forces as well as the Mainland China is taking away the importance of Taiwan in the global market.

While the cheap labour forces isn't the main strength in Taiwan industries, the competitiveness in Taiwan industries is turning to great innovations, excellent services and high quality assurance unavoidable. Within this trend, the funder has examined the currently environment and decided to set up this professional OEM factory, Shaobo Enterprise Co., Ltd which core values are great innovation, excellent services and high quality.

Quality Control

Gently cleansing brings fresh energy to your skin; light and smooth texture with greatly moisturizing brought by the extraction of Lily provides sufficient moisturizing and whitening effects to your skin. Moisturizing factors could deep rinse dry skin and greatly moisturizing while cleansing skin. The skin becomes tender (in touch), smooth and delicate after cleansing.

R & D

In order to apply the latest material and technology to the merchandise, we are not only working with our professional RD team but also cooperating with some famous biotechnology companies in Taiwan. We also do the research and develop the new ingredients of new products jointly for promoting the products leading in the market. Leading and Innovation are the strongest points which make us outstanding among the others.


Health Products Natural Fish oil soft capsule, Evening primrose oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Hony capsule, Happiness capsule, Glucosamine capsule, PhosphatidylSerine(PS) capsule, Compound Lutein capsule, Lactobacillus capsule and Collagen capsule.
Facial Mask 3 in 1 Whitening hydration facial mask, Superoxide dismutase acidophilus fascial mask, Collagen facial mask, seaweed enzyme facial mask, Firming hydration facial mask, Red wine extraction facial mask, red wine facial mask and Alleviate deep hydration facial mask.
Care Products Extreme brightening remover, Brightening cleansing, Brighten moisturizing toner, Placenta extraction repair, 3 in 1 makeup base, Multi-repair cream, Revitalizing cream, Oily acne cream, Brightening eye cream, Smooth and tender cherry cream, Revitalizing time capsule, Superior antiaging capsule, Fuli face and Beauty time capsule, Charming Girl time capsule, Firming treatment oil(Rose), Firming treatment oil(Lavender), Firming treatment oil(Rosemary)
Essential Oil Special blended essential oil(base oil), French lavender essential oil,
Cypress essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Geranium essential oil,
S1 pure compound essential oil for massage,
S2 pure compound essential oil for massage,
S3 pure compound essential oil for massage, SH1 massage essential oil,
SH2 massage essential oil, SH3 massage essential oil,
SH4 massage essential oil, SH5 massage essential oil,
SH6 massage essential oil, SH7 massage essential oil.

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